As business and commercial property owners across the state know, high property tax assessments can make the cost of doing business unnecessarily high. Property owners across the board are keenly aware of the notices they receive yearly, waiting to see whether the taxes went up and if so, by how much. 

In Wisconsin, property owners can challenge their assessments, but are faced with a litany of procedural rules and hoops to jump through in order to have their challenge heard and considered. Our experienced property tax attorneys know how to use the complicated processes to the taxpayer’s advantage. 

The Open Book Period

At Mallery s.c., our property tax attorneys understand that one of the best ways to get property tax relief is to reach out to the assessor. Even if we are unable to obtain relief at the open book, we can use the information received to determine the logic and rationale behind the assessor’s value and either attempt to persuade them otherwise or prepare to challenge the assessment. Often, the assessor may have overlooked some characteristic of your property that makes it less valuable than what it is or overemphasized another characteristic in valuing it higher. If we have concrete facts as to why it should be a lesser value, we can share that with the assessor and attempt to work out a resolution. In the event we cannot come to an agreement with the assessor, communication with the assessor during the open book period means we are better prepared to file a formal objection on your behalf as a property owner.

The Board of Review

A timely objection must be filed with the local Board of Review in order for a taxpayer to officially challenge the assessment of their property. Our attorneys at Mallery s.c., have experience in filing objections, preparing for and appearing at the Board of Review to advocate for our clients across the State of Wisconsin.

Generally, the burden for a taxpayer to meet in order to overcome the assessor’s opinion of value is high. The Board of Review is likely to agree with the assessor’s value unless the taxpayer can present significant contrary evidence. If a taxpayer is unhappy with the outcome of a Board of Review, the next step is likely litigation.

Filing a Lawsuit

If filing a lawsuit is necessary for your commercial property tax appeal, our property tax team at Mallery s.c., is prepared to litigate the case throughout the entirety of the trial or appeals process. We have significant experience with the courts and attorneys representing municipalities across the state of Wisconsin. 

At Mallery s.c., we understand that each property tax case presents different challenges. Our team has experience in dealing with qualified expert appraisers across the state of Wisconsin.

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