If you or your business is involved in a lawsuit, or have experienced a loss, an insurance company denying or underpaying your claim is the last thing that you need.  Unfortunately, insurance coverage disputes are commonplace in the state of Wisconsin and dealing with them can be an overwhelming addition to the stress or loss you are facing.

Our insurance coverage team at Mallery s.c., litigates complex disputes arising throughout the state of Wisconsin. Whether you are an individual policyholder or a business owner, you have the right to obtain the benefits and coverage you paid for under your insurance policy. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping clients across Wisconsin navigate complicated insurance coverage disputes.

Types of Insurance Coverage Disputes We Handle

Our lawyers at Mallery s.c., have litigated a wide range of insurance coverage disputes in Wisconsin, including:

Commercial or Personal Liability Insurance: Cases where insurance companies deny coverage, or provide coverage under a reservation of rights, for defense of liability claims, such as personal injury or property damage claims.

Property Insurance: Claim denials from insurance companies related to property damage claims, whether due to natural disasters, accidents, theft, arson, or other covered events.

Construction Disputes:  Cases involving construction defects and related damage claims in commercial, condominium and residential projects.

Homeowners’ Insurance:   Disputes involving insurance claims filed involving intentional acts, certain types of injuries or property damage, or other losses the insurance company may fail to cover.

Fire or Water Damage Claims:   Disputes with insurance companies related to fire or water damage claims.

Business Interruption Insurance: Disputes arising from business interruption claims, particularly in cases of unexpected events or disasters that impact on a business’s operations.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Claims: Claims where injured people and policyholders seek compensation for damage caused by drivers without sufficient insurance coverage.

Bad Faith Claims: Allegations of insurance companies acting in bad faith, such as unreasonably denying valid claims or failing to uphold their contractual obligations.

Life or Disability Insurance Claims: Disputes concerning disability insurance claims, especially when policyholders face denials or delays in receiving rightful benefits under life or disability insurance policies.

Contact Our Milwaukee Insurance Coverage Lawyers

Our insurance coverage team at Mallery s.c., practices not only in the Metro Milwaukee area, but also throughout the State of Wisconsin.

If you are an individual or commercial policyholder that needs representation to pursue the insurance coverage or policy benefits, they deserve, contact us at Mallery s.c., at 414-271-2424