Mallery s.c. offers a unique combination of highly skilled and experienced Milwaukee litigation attorneys capable of handling a wide range of complex commercial litigation matters. Mallery s.c.’s litigation team has substantial experience handling commercial litigation involving construction disputes, commercial disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes, and just about any kind of business dispute including, but not limited to, restrictive covenants and commercial contracts generally.

Mallery s.c.’s litigation lawyers also have significant experience with class actions, shareholder suits, derivative actions, anti-trust matters, and virtually any other kind of complex commercial litigation that your business may face.  Whether you are initiating or defending a lawsuit, our litigation attorneys recognize you are concerned both with maximizing results and ensuring your money is well spent. 

Mallery s.c. works with you to determine the appropriate strategy, whether that may be a settlement or trial.  Unlike some litigators who settle all cases, our litigators have actual trial experience and are willing to go to trial when warranted.  Mallery s.c.’s Milwaukee litigation attorneys have the depth of experience that you would expect to find at a much larger firm but provide you with the detail, attention, and lower cost structure available from a smaller firm. 

The Milwaukee litigation attorneys at Mallery s.c. regularly represent clients in mediations and arbitrations, and have extensive experience in appellate litigation.

When litigation is necessary, we are dedicated to its aggressive pursuit. Our trial team’s philosophy is that the best results in litigation often come from being the first party in the case to have a detailed understanding of the facts and the prevailing law, so that a strategy can be implemented to control the pace, size, and contours of the playing field.  Once a case has been centered on these defensive and offensive concepts, we develop a strategy that best protects our clients from risks and maximizes the chances of recovery. Contact our Milwaukee litigation lawyers now.

Our experienced attorneys also handle clients with other types of cases, including:

Candor, Experience, and Open Communication

At Mallery s.c., we believe communicating openly with our clients is critical to identifying and resolving their legal challenges. We provide our clients with innovative options and guide them to choose the best course of action for their unique situations. Our professional staff serves our clients with integrity, consistency, and honesty. The results we produce and the personalized relationships we establish define our strengths.

Creative Solutions for Long Term Success

Sometimes an otherwise valid claim is just not worth pursuing economically.  Too often clients are advised to pursue litigation without being adequately advised as to the cost of getting a judgment and comparing it to what might be recovered.  If a client spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain a judgment for a smaller amount, is that winning? More importantly, was it cost-effective? At Mallery s.c., we will candidly assess the cost of pursuing the litigation and help you evaluate the likely recovery to make an intelligent business decision.  While we obviously cannot predict the future, we can give you an honest and fair assessment of the economics of pursuing litigation in your individual situation based on our significant litigation experience.  That’s how Mallery s.c. stands out from other law firms. We are here to protect your interest.

Unparalleled Experience at Attractive Rates

Mallery s.c.’ s litigation team has over 100 years of combined experience.  The litigation team has tried cases in Wisconsin State and Federal Courts and argued cases in the Wisconsin and Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as the Wisconsin Supreme Court. At Mallery s.c. you can often obtain this experience at a rate much more favorable than those available at larger firms where you will likely pay more for someone with (sometimes significantly) less experience.  Litigation is never inexpensive, but there is no reason to have it cost more than necessary. While you can certainly choose to pay more for less, why would you? Choose wisely. Read about the law firms you are considering, check their experience, read their reviews, ask for more than one opinion, and hire a Milwaukee litigation attorney who is on your side. 

Commercial Disputes

Commercial disputes range from simple misunderstandings that the parties can settle outside court to complex, costly litigation. The realm of commercial dispute can include claims like business fraud, breach of ethical duty, or violation of a commercial lease. Mallery, s.c. understands your priority is resolving the dispute efficiently and effectively. Our fearless commitment and unmatched skill are what you need in your corner when commercial disputes threaten your business. 

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Shareholder and partnership disputes can happen at any stage of the business’s life cycle. Shareholder disputes may revolve around the misinterpretation of the terms of a loan or capital contribution. Partnership disputes may happen because the parties did not adequately put an agreement—such as a partnership agreement—in writing. No matter how the dispute arises, Mallery, s.c. is here to help you and your business take the necessary steps to get back to business. 

Shareholder Oppression

Shareholders deserve every ounce of rights and privileges they receive by virtue of being a shareholder. Majority shareholders locking out and stonewalling minority shareholders is unacceptable. Denying shareholders their due returns and misappropriating company funds is both wrong and illegal. Our team of litigators assists shareholders in attempting to regain what they lost due to the majority shareholder’s actions. Making abusive and dishonest shareholders and partners accountable for their actions and preventing further harm is what we do. 

Contract Disputes

Unfortunately, contract disputes are a typical source of commercial litigation. Contract disputes commonly involve the parties disagreeing on their respective expectations, rights, or obligations under the contract. Sometimes, businesses apply a cost-benefit analysis to decide whether certain breaches might be in their best interest. When this occurs, the breaching party must pay for the losses caused by their breach.

Here at Mallery, s.c., we are no strangers to contract disputes, whether they involve complex litigation or out-of-court settlement negotiations. When contract disputes can’t be settled outside of court, we aggressively pursue a fair and just outcome for our clients. We don’t count on the other guy to discover the necessary facts and frame the legal issues in a breach of contract case. We do what’s needed, leaving no stone unturned, fighting for our clients, and staying a step ahead of the opposition. 

Professional Malpractice

When you hire a lawyer, financial advisor, engineer, or any professional for that matter, you expect them to have your best interest at heart. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Too many times we see clients whose trust has been violated and where the professionals they hired are not living up to the oath of their profession.  Even if the professional you hired did have your best interests at heart, sometimes people make mistakes even if they have the best of intentions.  Those mistakes, in the professional setting, can cause serious damage.

Class Actions

When multiple people experience the same wrong, consolidating the claims may be appropriate. Class action lawsuits can include cases like product liability cases, unfair or deceptive trade practices, and unlawful employment discrimination. Mallery, s.c.’s extensive experience handling class action lawsuits, combined with our systematic and proactive approach benefits our clients. Clients appreciate the zealous advocacy, attention to detail, and compassionate legal service delivery we provide. 

Non-Compete Disputes

Non-compete disputes surface when an employee begins working with a new company after signing a contract promising to only work for their current employer. These agreements prevent employees with access to a company’s confidential or proprietary information from exploiting it to compete with their employer. Our extensive experience drafting non-compete agreements for our business and commercial clients gives us an advantage in handling non-compete disputes. 

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance disputes come about when an insurance company and a policyholder disagree on the terms of a settlement. The insurance company may wrongly deny the claim outright, offer far less than the claimant believes their damages are worth, or delay payout without reasonable cause. 

If an insurance company fails to honor the insurance policy terms by using tactics to avoid payment on otherwise valid claims, the company may be acting in bad faith. Tactics include making unreasonably low settlement offers, denying valid claims, or unnecessarily delaying claims processing. 

Mallery, s.c. understands the lengths that insurance companies may try to go to save money. Their money-saving maneuvers can leave you struggling without the compensation you need and deserve to move forward. Mallery, s.c. aggressively advocates for your interests and doesn’t shy away from the prospect of going to trial when the insurance company refuses to budge. 

Construction Litigation

Construction-related disputes can occur at every stage of the construction process. These disputes range from basic contract negotiations to complex construction-defect litigation.

Construction lawyers benefit their clients through early active involvement in the construction process. Working with a Milwaukee litigation lawyer at the outset can help you identify and potentially prevent problems before they arise. Mallery, s.c.’s construction clientele includes hotels, office buildings, industrial properties, shopping malls, and medical buildings. Regardless of the size of the building under construction, there are many moving parts that work in tandem to bring out a finished product. Our breadth of experience gives us insight into these moving parts, helping us to know what to look for if things go wrong. 

Commercial Debt Collection

Commercial debt collectors specialize in collecting debts one business owes to another. Often, these debts are for services or products that a supplier orders but for which they never pay. The special skill sets of our talented debtor and creditor team at Mallery, s.c. brings to the table the tools necessary to get the job done. Further, our successful bankruptcy practice gives us the proficiency to tackle even complex commercial debt collection matters. 

Employment Disputes

Employment disputes may involve volatile issues, including:

  • Workplace discrimination,
  • Sexual harassment,
  • Wage claims and overtime violations,
  • Wrongful termination, 
  • Entitlement to severance packages, 
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets, 
  • Unfair competition, 
  • Labor union disputes, 
  • Employee misclassification, and 
  • Workplace safety violations. 

Mallery, s.c.’s notable experience drafting employment agreements and auditing business practices gives them key insights into how businesses operate. Knowing how businesses operate means we can anticipate what documents and evidence to request. 

Plaintiff Side of Antitrust and Unfair Competition Work

Antitrust and unfair competition laws work to preserve healthy competition and fair trade in the marketplace. To this end, we have advised numerous plaintiffs in disputes involving price-fixing or monopolistic practices. Likewise, we have successfully defended our clients from unfounded, unfair competition claims like false advertising and trade secret misappropriation. Outcomes of our past cases typically include obtaining injunctive relief to stop harmful practices before they destroy our clients’ businesses. In addition, our litigation attorneys have secured numerous verdicts and settlements for restitution and disgorgement of profits. We’re the team you want by your side when businesses harm you by engaging in illegal unfair competition or violating antitrust laws. 

Intellectual Property & Disputes Protection

Intellectual property laws protect inventors, authors, brands, and other innovators from those who wrongfully profit from their creations or inventions. Our intellectual property team is well-versed in intellectual property law cases, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. We can help you establish and defend your intellectual property rights, as we have successfully helped numerous clients like you. 

Trust Experience

If mishandled, litigation can destroy your business. At Mallery s.c., we provide our clients with peace of mind during uncertain times. Our legal team applies creative strategies unique to your specific circumstances to solve legal problems before they cause harm. Whether your dispute arises from trademark infringement, a consumer class action, or bad faith breach of contract, our experienced Milwaukee litigation lawyers can handle any legal issue that may occur. If you operate a business and face the prospect of a costly lawsuit, don’t go it alone. Contact Mallery s.c. today for a free consultation.